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Holidays in Greece on the Greek islands

The climate in Greece is one of the best for vacations. There is always a long, hot, dry, brilliant summer allowing maximum enjoyment of the sea and the scenery.

The Greek islands
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Brief history of Greece
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The first Greeks
Hellas & the Hellenes
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Democracy in Greece
The Persian wars
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Map of Ancient Greece
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Alexander The Great
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By Lord Byron

Map of Greece
The isles of Greece,
     the isles of Greece!
Where burning Sappho
     loved and sung,
Where grew the arts
     of war and peace,
Where Delos rose,
     and Phoebus sprung!
Eternal summer
     gilds them yet,
But all, except their sun,
     is set...

(Lord Byron fought for the Greek Independence in 1821 and died in Greece in 1824)

Holidays in Greece

Greece is a blessed country. With more than 10,000 miles of coastline and some 1,500 islands, Greece caters for all tastes.
A perfect holiday destination for water-lovers and sun-worshippers. The ideal sailing ground for yachtsmen. Ultimately glamorous for fans of a vivid night-life for which the Greeks hold a tradition. It is a country of white-washed houses, colourful fishing - boats, sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, olive groves, waterside taverns and a cultural paradise offering numerous classical attractions.
Travel to Greece and enjoy the privacy of a small stony cove with a few overhanging pine trees or walk around the ruins of an ancient town. Indulge in the pleasures of a Greek meal served in candle light under a star-filled sky. Drink the sparkling wine that will elevate your spirit and help you relax. Relish the excellent traditional cooking in one of the less obvious restaurants that your captain will point out. Sample some of the finest fruits and vegetables in the world.
Greece is one of the few countries of the world where life goes on right through the night. Some of the islands have a reputation for their night life, with discos and bars frequented by international celebrities. Live it up, drinking and dancing until the light of daw.

I stood upon the soil of Greece at  last!  (Oscar Wilde)
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The Greek islands

The Mediterranean is famed for its age-old history and civilization, for its light and beauty. The Greek islands are its pride and joy. No oher part of the Mediterranean has as many islands as Greece; they are scattered over its northeastern sector under a bright and gleaming sun. Most of the islands are found in the Aegean Sea between mainland Greece and Asia Minor. The small island of Delos lies approximately in the middle of the archipelago and in mythology it is referred to as the homeland of Apollo, the Sun God.

Indeed, how could there be islands with more light than the Greek islands?

But it is not only the light and the sun that sets them apart. It is the beauty of their natural environment, their lacy coastal-clear sea, ruffled by the cool meltemi breeze of summer. One must also not forget their traditional villages which gaze out at the sea from the mountains' slopes - their castles, their churches and monasteries. And of course there is the islands' ancient history and culture that stretches back four to five thousand years.

Finally, mention must be made of the Greek islands' hospitable inhabitants, those friendly and good-hearted people who welcome you with their mellifluous voices.



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