Holidays in Greece and the Greek islands

Relief sculptural decoration of the eastern side of the Parthenon --
Poseidon (god of the sea), Apollon, god of music and Artemis, goddess of hunt and fertility -- (470 BC, Acropolis Museum, Athens)

The classical times of the Greek Civilization

Democracy in Greece is born through the respect for Art and human existence

The Greek islands

Brief history of Greece
The Prehistoric Period
The first Greeks
Hellas & the Hellenes
The Classical Period
Democracy in Greece
The Persian wars
Golden Age of Pericles
Map of Ancient Greece
The Macedonians
Alexander The Great
The Hellenistic period
Map of Hellenistic World

Democracy is born in Greece

Regarding the Arts: Many of us have seen the temples at Karnak and Luxor, the Sphinx and the Pyramids, the tombs of the Pharaohs, and may have perhaps rightfully thought for a moment that the Greek temples, theatres, stadiums and statues like Hermes of Praxiteles and Venus of Milo were works of lesser interest than the colossal structures of Egyptian Art.

The Greek works of art are indeed of somewhat restricted dimensions, yet they are unrivalled in
Hermes of Praxitelesperfection in the eyes of those who can feel and appreciate their perfection. The subject will not be elaborated, only two significant points of comparison will be mentioned.

Greek antiquities consist of theatres where the People were taught, Stadiums for the games in which they participated, and Temples where they worshiped their Gods. On the contrary the Egyptian antiquities pivot round the life of the Pharaoh. While in Greece, statues and commemorative steles were set up for the artists and sages, the Egyptian architect that constructed the Temple was depicted with his arms cut off at the elbows. Indeed after the construction was completed the Pharaoh had the arms cut off the artist architect so that he might not design and erect a similar building in the future.

I stood upon the soil of Greece at  last!  (Oscar Wilde)
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Regarding the social structure and the regime: Already during these centuries democratic regimes were established in various Greek cities south of the Olympus. A respect for human existence and the individual form the basis of the regimes. Of course, it should not be taken that the Greek city-states were communities of angels. There were then, precisely as in modern times, the rich and the powerful who in many ways exploited the weaker and the poorer.


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